Alternative Methods to Healing

Spiritual and Transformational Coaching


Spirituality is knowing that the Universal Divine power is greater than any challenge.  


* Guides one to their own will to be and do, to teach and elevate one's awareness of the greatness of the UNIVERSAL DIVINE SOURCE of I AM.



$ 450.00 Seven days process

Lessons on Manifesting

Guidance in manifesting interpersonal transformational Counseling to facilitate you through processing, integrating and progressing with important life changes. Life changes such as; healing from a toxic relationship, divorce, a new relationship, starting a business, moving, or being fired.

Depending on the length of the process the fee will be applied.  

Investment:  $175.00

Self-Awareness,  Negative detoxify& Mastery

   Unification of the body, mind, soul and spirit. To assist one on the path of acknowledgment of self using assertiveness of confidence processing. One will commit to a three years contract of total of cleansing and the body, mind,soul and spirit. This process entails meditation, visualization, breath work, journal writing, affirmation developing, reading several books. One will learn to channel and keep the foundation of their powers and gifts. A vehicle through which to manifest and create your heart’s desires, you will make a sacred steps towards. 

Acknowledgment: $8,000.00

Womanship Rites of Passage( An Exclusive Memebership to self-love)

Women play the role as a sister, mother, nurturer, life giver, companion and friend.  She usually will become the finance provider ( on many levels) to her family. A woman will be guided to embrace her vessel and heal from the tragedies that were force upon her past and present. 
A woman will be guided to take leadership, personal and spiritual awareness enhancement courses. Working with alchemy of oils, bath formula , meditation and more. Womanship Rites of Passage™ is an intimate relationship with her body, mind, soul and spirit. Empowering her womanhood with her natural gifts and her natural power of being a woman. 

   There's a courtship process of one year and then an engagement (commitment) with herself and Womanship Rites of Passage™ (membership). After 18 months a ceremony of ONENESS will take place. One will learn the attributes of each woman and insert their own Divineness.

    The course is designed for all women from a diverse background. 
Understanding how African descent women struggle with issues of identity. It is encouraged that African descent women embark on the journey of healing and awareness.  There is an epidemic in most economically deficient communities
 and many women are dying from health issues that have been cultured in their Psychology, over lapping in their spiritual awareness. Black Women Psychology and Health.

Enter in your wonderfulness: $3,000.00

Manship Rites of Passage™ (An Exclusive Membership to self-love, self-empowerment and Respectful connection to true Divine Power).

Men will be guided to take leadership in knowing who he truly is as a man of true Divine purpose. A holistic approach toward embracing both the masculine and feminine aspect of manhood. Take this path of connecting both aspect of who you are. Enter in your wonderfulness, 18 months will offer you a deep body, mind and spirit workout.

Enter in your wonderfulness: $3,000.00


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