Alternative Methods to Healing

A Change of Life

Ms. Ma'sheba Woolridge

I give all praise to the most high for you. I just wanted to write this note to say since I met you the week before xmas in 2011, my life has change for the better people said they can see the change in me. I am less angry and much more at peace. The insight and gudance you ahve given me will never be forgotten. I am not worrying too much about anything and I look forward to moving forward and building my future. I thank you for coming into my life, truly I do and helping me. I will be see you again, you are a blessing.  Ms. Sheba Woolridge, 2/21/2012

Mohammed  Bobo Diao,

I have to say that I was not sure, but when Alvina gave me her home/handmade body, face and hair cream to apply to my skin: it worked. I am African and back home I know many of my Senegalese country women makes many traditional medicine by hand. I just did not know African American women knew the same. Alvina proved me wrong, she knows what she is doing and she knows traditional medicine. I went to the doctors, I listen to my friends nothing worked. Two whole weeks I suffered with boils and skin eruption; Alvina said I told you what I have works try and you will see what I made will heal your skin issues. She gave it to for free, she saw my suffering and she had compassion for me. I pray that Allah bless you, your family and your business. Thank you very much. NYC 2011

Niketa Eason, CEO Cashmere Consultant; NY 1996-Present

    Knowing Dr. Min. Alvina Smith is knowing your divine self.  She will help guide, heal and nurture you and your spirit to just that, knowing your divine self.

    I have known this wonderful and spiritual women for almost 15 years.  It has been some of the most exciting, knowledge expanding, challenging, attentive, and loving years of my life.  Dr. Min. Alvina Smith has helped me to grow in and on so many levels. I always knew I had some special gifts as a human being. However, I never knew what they were or how to connect with them.  Throughout my younger years  people would tell me things they saw in or around me, and I really could not comprehend what they were saying, it just did not make sense to me at the time.  It was not until I met Dr. Min. Alvina Smith did I finally know and accept the power within me. 

    The first time, I met Dr. Min. Alvina was when she came to my house.  She was invited to attend one of my women's healing groups and when she walked in I completely shut down.  I just did not know how to accept her, I was not ready to let her into my spirit. However, I felt a strong connection between us, it was as if a light bulb went off inside of me and my spirit was saying to me "this is it" this is what we need to help figure it all out.  Dr. Min. Alvina walked into my home and instantly every woman in the group was mesmerized by her presence. She walks with an energy, light, and aroma that just stopped you in your tracks and make you want to heal but ONLY if you are ready.  It is never with negative force but with a gentle push, honesty, and a great deal of love.  After, she left my home that night I knew I was ready to start on my spiritual life journey and there was nothing that would stop me from connecting with her.  I have not looked back since, Dr. Min. Alvina Smith is the most thoughtful, loving, genuine, and spiritual person that I know personally.

    Dr. Min. Alvina Smith has taught, healed, strengthened, and helped me reach great spiritual heights in my life.  I have become a member of her family and accepts her as a part of my own.  Whenever, I need her, she is there if I need an ear to listen, some guidance or advice she is there.  Her universal knowledge and non judgmental being is a contributing factor to why so many turn to her in their hour of need. I have faced many challenges in my life, learned many lessons and through it all she has been there helping me.  I love Dr. Min. Alvina Smith and would recommend her and her many services to anyone.

Peace and Blessings
Niketa Eason

Sidney Wright, NY

    It is about time you expand your offer of  your gifts of healing and assisting others to heal themselves. I have known Alvina for sixteen years and she is a powerful spiritual person. I have used her services on many levels and I am always astound at her God given gift.


Sidney Wright, 91-12/2011

Imam Abdul-Mubdi, NYS Clergy

      Alvina Reiki's application was so powerful and amazing. I did not think Reiki could work, but it did. I trust her, she is open, honest and truly walks with the light. When she expressed she was taking her business upwardly I was happy. May you receive all the blessing of Allah.

Imam Abdul-Mubdi, NYS Clergy, 05-Present

Charles Fredrick Dunn, NC

     Dr. Min. Alvina visited me in the hospital after a major surgery, I was not feeling well and she offered me Reiki. It was profound I was at ease and was able to sleep. When she placed her hands above my head I moved her hands because I felt the energy that was strong. Strong enough to assist my healing process.  You go and assist many!!!

Charles Fredrick Dunn,8/2004- 03/2010

Kim Booker, NY

    Alvina's handmade tailored baths are  amazing, rewarding and relaxing. Well worth the money. In 1998, I embarked on Dr. Min. Alvina Smith's services and I could truly testify that I have come a long way from being reactive, violent and unforgiving but through hard work and assistance I could honestly say I am here alive, and living my life to the fullest. I am always walking and motivating to be in God's light.

Kim Booker, Educator, 98-present

Kanye's  Mother, Harlem NY

  Alvina has been the only one in my life that I can trust spiritually. There are no games, gimmicks, and she's not in the business to take your money. She is as real as they come.
    My son was a victim of a spiritual attack by an evil person.  Who wished and did harm to me and my son for whatever reason. My son at the time was one year old, his energy and his vibrations was very low and his aura had become dark. I knew I had a lot of work to do.  One day with no warning my son was visiting his relatives and they called me to tell me that he had stop breathing. His grandmother had  to give him CPR and he was later rushed to the hospital. He was admitted into the hospital for 1 week as a result of the spiritual attack. I could remember this as if it was yesterday, I called Alvina while she was on the road going to Georgia. She was in a hotel in North Carolina.   
       She took her time, effort and energy to be there for us all. Everyday through out the night she would call and check on us, to find out how my baby and I were doing. This strengthened me. As a mother I was a nervous wreck.  At one point my son's father and my cellular phones went dead but Alvina left messages letting us know she was still right there.  Alvina was the only one who advised and consoled me while my son was an inpatient. When he was discharged she advised me on the herbs, minerals and vitamins to give my son. I also took my portions of homeopathic and natural medicines. I too needed replenishing, I was depleting my life force. 
   I depend on her spiritual insight and alternative healing methods are magnificent.  Even though Alvina will always say to me "do not depend on me become educated. Learn and you will know how to do for yourself and to not depend on others."  I strongly feel that Dr. Min. Alvina Smith is powerful and strong in more ways than one.  She is telling me to learn and be proactive in my existence and this is more powerful than depending on any one. To me that is profound, for Dr. Min. Alvina Smith  to want one to be guided and not co-depended . My now two year old son has not had any medical problems concerning his respiratory system since last year. He his healed and perfectly well, God bless her and her business.

Congratulations on your new accomplishments Dr. Min. Alvina Smith. I know you are going after your Naturopathic certification under Dr. Llaila O. Afrika. I can not wait, this is just to seal what you have been doing for many.

I love you Alvina!!


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