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Iya Nia Jones-Morgan is Certified Naturopath, Acupressurist, Master Herbalist (Chinese and Afrikan). Interfaith Minister and Reiki Level II Counselor. A Lecturer and Nutritional Coach.


  Iya Nia Jones at the time I started my classes; workshops and internship have guided and taught me from 1990-1999. Today she is known as Iya Nia Jones-Morgan. She was the first one outside of my father's guidance that enlightened me with a traditional and alternative method to healing and living. She taught me and many others that walked in The Brooklyn Healing Arts Center; Ayurveda, Chinese Oriental Medicine and Acupressure, Herbology, Tree of Life, meditation and visualization. In addition; I learned various breath work techniques from different cultures, cosmology, spiritual development and more. Nia Jones-Morgan also encouraged me to seek knowledge where I needed to gain powerful growth, understanding and wisdom.  

I thank you Iya Nia for your love, effort, support and guidance. You will consistently have a burning light in my heart. May you always be lifted by the Divine Light and Creator.  Ashe'


Dr. Robin Lechner, my second teacher in Reiki





Dr. Robin Lechner was my second teacher in Reiki. I obtained Reiki II and Advance level. She was a delightful Reiki Master teacher, a gentle, kind and compassionate person. Her ability to get her students to trust is powerful.  I learned so much from her, one thing I have kept with me that she taught her students and that was "Exceptions lead to disappointments, Except nothing, and you gain everything" Thank you master  teacher. 


 Infomation below is from her website.                                                                                                                                                                                             

                 Dr. Robin Lechner, Founder is a Traditional Reiki Master, naturopathic Physician, Interfaith minister and recognized Metaphysician. Author and creator of Living Whole and Living Light and the Rainbow Bridge, she skillfully synthesizes and blends philosophies and methodologies to bridge Eastern and Western traditions.

Since 1985, Robin has been at the forefront of mind/body health, pioneering the complementary healing arts and sciences into the awareness of mainstream America. For almost 20 years, her work has been dedicated to research and education in the arts and sciences of natural health, providing self-help methods to prevent illness and promote overall health and well being.

Robin is the founder of the Center of Living Light, Inc., a nonprofit interdisciplinary institute based upon the practices and principles of Reiki. Since 1993, the Center of Living Light has been serving New York City, Long Island and New Jersey communities through Community Outreach Programs and Initiatives. As a teaching Reiki Master, Robin has elevated more than 50 Reiki Masters and attuned hundreds of Reiki Practitioners who are practicing across the globe.

As creator and Director of the International Reiki Network, Robin has forged a relationship with the United Nations as a non-government organization dedicated to addressing international needs of peace and human rights through mind/body/spirit education and guidance.

She recently stepped down as Executive Director, handing over the reigns to the next generation.

Dr. Paul Goss, Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist and Iridologist

Soon will come!

Doctors of Naturopathy


Dr. Llaila O. Afrika

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Dr. Llaila O. Afrika, Dr. Alvina Smith and Dr. Melanie Stevenson                          Dr. Melanie Stevenson conducting class



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